Purchase a wheelchair vehicle with national delivery to Wise, Virginia

VA Low Priced Wheelchair Accessible Van Dealer for Wise, Virginia

AMS Vans provides low prices on wheelchair vehicles for sale in Wise, VA and nationwide. We pride ourselves in giving excellent support to help customers find affordable new or used wheelchair vans with side and rear entry lowered floor van conversions. If you are seeking the ideal wheelchair van for mobility scooter, powerchair or wheelchair users, our handicap vehicles are perfect for adults or kids. We can deliver you a new or used wheelchair vehicle to Wise and often still save you thousands of dollars compared to other wheelchair vehicle dealerships. So visit us today, and soon you will be exploring the possibilities in Wise, VA.

At AMS Vans, you can choose many options for handicap cars including the option to buy a disability car, sell your wheelchair accessible van to us, trade in a vehicle towards the purchase of a disability car, convert your vehicle with van conversions for wheelchair accessibility, rent a disability car with wheelchair accessible van rentals, and find adaptive mobility equipment for handicap cars.

Buy New and Used Handicap Vehicles in Wise, Virginia

Locate New and Used Handicap Vans in Wise, Virginia - VA

Are you planning to buy a wheelchair van in Wise? If so we can help you. Browse our inventory and find a wide variety of new handicap vehicles with new conversions along with used handicap vehicles with new or used conversions including top brands such as Honda, Dodge, Chrysler, Volkswagen or Toyota handicap vehicles online. In addition, we carry used wheelchair vehicles by AMS, VMI, Braun and other brands with models such as the VMI Northstar, Braun Entervan and many others. Our number one goal is to completely satisfy you, so if you don't see the specific wheelchair vehicle make or model that you're looking for, then contact one of our professional mobility consultants today. AMS Vans is committed to assisting you in your search to find the perfect accessible wheelchair van that will meet your mobility needs at a price that is affordable to you.

Sell Handicap Conversion Vans in Wise, Virginia, VA

Sell Your Wheelchair Accessible Van - Wise, Virginia - VA

Need to sell your wheelchair van or non-converted minivan? AMS Vans will buy all types and brands of mobility vans from nearly all manufacturers in Wise, Virginia or nationwide. We also purchase non-converted minivans including Chrysler, Volkswagen, and Dodge (long wheelbase only). For your convenience, we offer online quotes for used wheelchair vehicles. We are also offering mobility consignment programs now to provide you with as many alternatives and solutions to obtaining your new or used custom van. You can even sell your adapted vehicle for a very low cost through our vast network of mobility classified listings online. Our nationwide adapted minivan classifieds is a free service for previous AMS Vans customers.

Trade-in Your VA Vehicle

Trade in Your Automobile for a Handicap Car in Wise, Virginia - VA

If you have a car, truck, minivan, sports car, suv or handicap vehicle for trade-in when buying your handicap vehicle, AMS Vans accepts most vehicles. We won't let a trade-in stand in your way of purchasing a new or used wheelchair vehicle or wheelchair vehicle conversion. If you want a quick price quote on the value of your Trade-In, complete our trade-in form online.

Wise, Virginia, VA Wheelchair Vehicle conversions

Turn Your Minivan into a Wheelchair Vehicle in Wise, Virginia - VA

Own a Dodge, Chrysler, Volkswagen, or Honda minivan? Then let us install a wheelchair ramp van conversion for you. Our mobility dealership offers low prices on safe, quality side and rear entry wheelchair van conversions that have been around for over a decade.

Rent Disability Vehicles in Wise, Virginia

Rent a Commercial Handicap Van in Wise, Virginia

Seeking a handicapped car rental in Wise for 2 weeks or longer? Or would you like to try out one of our new or used disability vehicles? Call Us Now! We will deliver a handicap automobile rental to nearly anywhere nationwide, and you almost always still save money even with the delivery fee compared to other wheelchair trucks for rent. You can pick from side or rear entry wheelchair vehicles with additional mobility options available.

Accessible Mobility Equipment located in Wise, Virginia, VA

Driver Aids Installation and Sales of Mobility Equipment - Wise, Virginia

Contact us when purchasing or installing mobility equipment in Wise, Virginia such as wheelchair lifts, mobility scooter and powerchair vehicle carriers, transfer seats, or other adaptive equipment in Wise, Virginia. AMS Vans offers major brands such as Harmar and others. If you don't find the specific mobility equipment that meets your wheelchair car needs, we will special order it for you.

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